7 European Cities You Just Have to Visit
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7 European Cities You Just Have to Visit

Hello to the the first weekend after 7 weeks of lockdown when we can go for a walk! Something that we used to take for granted during years, today sounds like a privilege. I hope you enjoyed nice weather as much as we did! We still don’t know when the borders will open, but it’s most probably that we will be allowed to cross the European boundaries first, rather than travel to Bali or US. That’s why we prepare a list of 7 European cities you can’t miss in case you decide to explore our continent soon!

Eat, Pray and Love in Rome

Rome is my forever favorite European destination since only I started to travel. It’s a place that I love to come back to as often as it’s possible. There is something exciting and magical about this city. You can visit Rome 20 times and you will still discover a new place around the corner every single time you’re there. There is no better way to explore Rome than meandering from one landmark to another with a slice of pizza or gelato in your hand. You don’t want to count calories in Rome, you just want to eat them! Rome is also a home to thousands of beautiful churches – some of them known worldwide, like Basilica di San Pietro or Pantheon, and some others hidden in the smaller neighborhoods. Finally, Rome is the most romantic city I’ve even been to, and it’s not only because the Italians will call you amore on every turn. It’s because dreams really come true in Rome. I was in Rome 5 times before I met Edwin and I put my coin in Fontana di Trevi each one of them, until we did it together last year. This was a real dream come true. If you want to read more about our itinerary in Rome, check this article! Rome - koalas on the road

Travel in time in Prague

Eastern and Central Europe is still lagging behind the West in terms of tourism, but happily it’s slowly changing in the last few years. As a Polish girl, I will prepare a separate post about my top destinations in my home country, but there is one place in Central Europe that you just have to visit no matter what. Last year Edwin and I spent The Valentine’s Day in Prague and it was like hitting the jackpot. Prague is beautiful in every season, but being there in Winter and feeling the cold on your chicks holding a hand of your second half is exceptionally romantic and makes you feel like traveling in time. The charm of Prague is one of a kind and the prices are super, super low! You can’t miss the delicious Czech cuisine and of course, their famous beer! Another good thing about Prague I the fact that you can explore all the city on foot. All the landmarks are very close to each other, even the majestic castle! Prague - koalas on the road

Count all the bridges in Budapest

Budapest is another European city that should definitely have a spot on your bucket list. There is something for everyone  – from beautiful architecture and interesting history to thermal waters and a nightlife that you won’t find in any other European destination. My favorite part of discovering Budapest was crossing all the bridges and taking pictures of each of them. Budapest also impressed me with the most stunning night lighting that I’ve ever seen. All the main landmarks – from the famous Parlament to the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, are sprinkling in a way that your eyes don’t want to miss. It’s a real game of lights and the perfect background for your night photos.  Budapest - koalas on the road

Go shopping in London

When I first visited London, I was 19 years old and I spent the whole afternoon watching football game with my cousin. A lot of things have change since then, except from my love for football. I can’t believe it’s been already 10 years since I visited UK for the first time! My last visit in London was way different, because my brother was living there and he was my private guide in the city. He took me to the less touristic places and we discovered Harry Potter spots hidden all over the city. London is probably one of the most expensive destinations in Europe, but there is no better place to go shopping! I didn’t see so many outlets anywhere else in the whole continent. Another surprising thing about London is the quantity of parks that it offers. I had no idea that London was so green. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are my favorites! London - koalas on the road

Take a sip of café au lait in Paris

My first visit in France was a gift from my parents for my 18th Birthday and my perception of Paris as a teenager was completely different from now. I was running from one place to another, focusing on taking pictures in the most emblematic points of the city. When I came back home, I had a feeling that I saw everything and… nothing. I’m sure you know this feeling. When I came back to Paris few years later, I decided to convert that trip into a totally new experience. I was starting my days with a café au lait and a croissant in a small terrace on the corner and spending my afternoons wherever my feet took me. I didn’t follow any guideline, I preferred to simply get lost and let the city guide me. I enjoyed long walks and delicious patisseries as much as entering on Eiffel Tower. I think the beauty of Paris is hidden in these small things. No matter what are your reasons to visit the capital of France, I am sure you will convert your stay into a unique experience. Paris is a heaven for fashionistas and art lovers and it’s worth to visit both on your own and with your partner. Paris - koalas on the road

Meet the nicest people in Lisbon

After years of exploring Europe I can honestly say that Portuguese people are the kindest human beings on our continent. They are always open to help you and give you some tips to make your stay more comfortable. No one is in a hurry, people in Portugal like to take it slowly. It’s in Portugal where I had the deepest conversations with the locals and until know I can’t decide which city I liked the most – Lisbon or Porto. Each one them offers you a different experience and I think you should place both on your bucket list! When it comes to Lisbon, you will find in love with the colorful trams all over the city and the streets living their own life. There is no rush, you can enjoy the city on your own rhythm. Don’t forget to try Pasteis de Belém! Especially if you decide to visit the Belém itself, located only 7 minutes from Lisbon by train. Lisbon - koalas on the road

Follow the Gaudi’s footsteps in Barcelona

Obviously I couldn’t close this list without including our city of residence. Barcelona had been stealing my heart slowly until I completely felt in love with her. We went through many different stages together and I grew up in this city the way I wouldn’t do anywhere else. What I love the most about Barcelona is the fact that this city embraces you regardless of your political views, religion or sexual orientation. In Barcelona you can be whoever you like, you can dress however you like and you can kiss whoever you like. In this article you will find more about the reasons why we chose to live in Barcelona. It’s not a surprise that we have five times more tourists than inhabitants here! Even the foreigners like us living in the city consider that the biggest problem of Barcelona is the mass tourism. So the question is why so many people visit Barcelona every year? There are plenty of reasons. First of all, because of the Mediterranean climate and the beach. Secondly, because of Gaudi and his footprints all over the city which attract the artists and architects from all over the world. And for sure the multicultural character of the city makes you wanna come back over and over again. So if you wander about visiting Spain, there is no better place than Barcelona! Barcelona - koalas on the road What about you guys? Which European cities are your favorites?

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