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Cabanes Dosrius – Sleeping in a tree house

As you’ve already seen on our Instagram, we spent the last weekend in the woods. Few months ago I made a surprise for Edwin and booked a night in Cabanes Dosrius for his Birthday. We were supposed to go there at the beginning of December right after his Birthday party, but due to some health issues we had to postpone our trip for January. When the big day finally came, we were super happy because we really missed being on the road. The idea of sleeping in a tree house in the middle of the forest was very exciting. I wanted to give him a unique experience, something he could remember for the rest of his life. Now we can both agree that my gift fulfilled its task!

How to get to Cabanes Dosrius

Cabanes Dosrius are situaded around 50 minutes away from Barcelona by car. Our main mode of transportation in Barcelona is motorcycle, but when it comes to longer-distance trips we usually decide for car. This time we trusted our moto as it wasn’t too cold outside and we were seeking for adventure. We wouldn’t suggest using public transport because the place is literally in the middle of the woods and there is no direct connection from any town around.

What does it mean to sleep in a tree house?

Sleeping in a tree house literally means… sleeping in a tree house. Once you get to the reception and check-in, you receive instructions of how to get to the house you booked, with a basket full of necessary stuff – flashlights, map, battery lights and… walkie-talkie. There is no electricity and water up there, so if you need anything you can contact the reception with the shortwave transmitter. Cabanes Dosrius offer 7 different tree houses, each one of them located from 15 to 25 minutes walking from reception. Our home was called Cabana Llanega and it was situated 15 minutes walking from the main building.

What can I find inside the tree house?

Every tree house is equipped with the necessary furniture – bed, coach, table, chairs, and a small bathroom with a jug of water and toilet ( you can use it only for the first need!). The house is warm thanks to the bioethanol heating, but you are free to use some extra blankets as well. 

What kind of activities can I do in Cabanes Dosrius?

If you are looking for an entertainment, this isn’t exactly the place. Cabanes Dorius are designed mostly to relax and disconnect from the big city. The only noise you will hear are the birds singing outside when you wake up. However, there are some alternative ways to spend time –  the reception suggest to take a night walk with the flashlight following the tracks from the map. If you are traveling with kids, there is an option to book donkey riding in a nearby location. Our main entertainment was playing Scrabble which we borrowed from reception. We turned our phones off and just spent the night playing and talking for hours. There is also an option to book a massage for two.

Are there any meals included?

The breakfast is included in the price and we were very satisfied with the quality and the way it was delivered to us. Around 9 am the breakfast basket was hanged outside the house and we had to pull it up by ourselves. It included coffee, orange juice baguettes, ham, cheese, tomatoes and croissants. You can also order for extra price a dinner, a box of chocolates, a bottle of champagne or some other drinks like beer, coke or wine.


To sum up, sleeping in a tree house was a wonderful experience and we recommend it 100% to anyone who wants to take a break and just enjoy the nature. For us it was pretty great to disconnect from the entire world, especially social media. Being a blogger means to spend many hours online making content and it’s important to slow down from time to time and remember that there are more important things than Instagram feed. We came back to Barcelona relaxed and very happy, with our batteries charged. It was something we both needed and we would definitely repeat! From Barcelona with love, Koalas

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