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10 reasons to visit Mexico

The world has changed a lot in the last few weeks and the circumstances forced us to stay home and put our traveling plans in stand by. We strongly believe that everything is going to be fine and try to stay as positive as possible, but we are only humans. There are some „blue days” when we feel more vulnerable as usual and it’s not a shame at all to admit it. What’s your way to overcome the anxiety? For me it’s writing, drawing, dancing, and anything creative. I want people who come here and read my posts to feel a little bit better and if I achieve it at least with one person, I am extremely happy. So, let me do my job and write about a destination that has completely stolen my heart and after years, is still my number one. A place that completely changed my vision and helped me leave my comfort zone. A place that marked my life between before and after. Why did I decide for this particular country to be my first destination outside Europe? Find below have 10 reasons to visit Mexico!

1. The cenotes and the diversity of natural beauty 

For those who think that Mexico is only known for white-sand beaches on Riviera Maya, I have surprising news. There are, indeed, beautiful sunsets and turquoise water in Cancún and surroundings which completely take your breath away, but if you look deeper, you will realize that Mexico is one of the most biodiverse countries in the whole Central America. Have you ever heard about the natural mineral pools in Oaxaca, Sumidero Canyon or the cenotes? From all the reasons to visit Mexico, to me cenotes are one of the coolest. These geological formations are nothing else than pit caves filled with groundwater – a perfect spot to take a bath in crystal clear water under the ground!

2. Delicious food

If I had to choose my favorite cuisine, I’d have to struggle between Italian and Mexican because they’re both fabulous. Mexico is a real paradise for everyone who loves to add spicy to almost every meal. It also offers a variety of street food find for very low price impossible to find anywhere outside Latin America. Enchiladas, tacos or tamales will never taste the same way in any restaurant as they taste on Mexican streets. The typical cuisine also depends on the region – from chilli peppers in the South-Pacific coast to corn dominating in Gulf region. 
10 reasons to visit Mexico

3. Rich and outstanding culture

Mexico is a country with incredible history and amazing architecture which finds its  origins long before Colonial era. One of my favorite Mexican Holidays is the Day of the Death, a fascinating multi-day celebration of families and friends who gather to pray for their predecessors. For Mexican people death isn’t considered as a sad end of our live, but a as a natural part of the human cycle. To understand the beauty of this celebration, I encourage you to watch one of my favorite movies – Coco. Mexico is also one of the most multi-cultural countries in the world – from indigenous communities speaking Maya, Zapoteco o Mixteco languages to the primary and most official Spanish.

4. A lot of history to explore 

Another thing that I love about Mexico is the fascinating history of this country. You will find hundreds of archeological sites all over Mexico – from Mayan ruins in Yucatán to Teotihuacán complex, Aztecs and Zapotecs remains in the center of the country. The Mayan culture is certainly the most known all over the world thanks to very well preserved Chichen Itza, but once you visit this particular archeological site, don’t forget about Tulum. It’s about one hour and half from Cancún and the view of the ruins suspended above the ocean is simply one of a kind. When it comes to Teotihuacán, few years ago Mexican archeologists found hidden tunnels beneath the Pyramid of the Moon and this new discovery might have been used for religious purposes. It’s amazing to have such a secret being revealed after almost 2000 years!

5. Affordable prices

Mexico is one of the most affordable destinations in Americas. The average price for street food is around 2-3 dollars and even if you want to have a fancy dinner in restaurant, you will still pay less than in US or Europe. Keep in mind that the prices in the most touristic destinations such as Cancún or Isla Las Mujeres will be higher, but even then you will be able to enjoy your stay without constantly worrying about your finances.
10 reasons to visit Mexico

6. Adorable people

After spending months in different Latin-American countries I can assure one thing – Mexicans, together with Peruvians and Ecuadorians, are one of the nicest people on Earth. They will try to help you whether you need an advice about their food or instructions of how to get you your hotel. Of course it helps if you speak Spanish, but in case you don’t – be sure that the locals will guide you how to find the closest tourist information or even better, will call their nephew or niece to explain it in English. Mexicans are very warm and welcoming and they will make you feel at home anywhere you go. With no doubt, they are also the humblest people I have ever met.

7. Love for music

The traditional Mexican music is very diverse and people love to perform in public places. The most emblematic example of this passion are mariachi groups singing beautiful serenades in restaurants and main squares. You can also order your favorite song or a whole personalized mariachi concert to confess your feelings. Sounds original, right? And definitely more romantic than sending a Whatsapp.

8. Trying real tequila and mezcal

Is there anyone who ha never tried Corona beer or tequila? If you like them, I can assure you that all the drinks taste better in Mexico. The same rule apples as for food. In Jalisco you can try a real tequila which tastes way better than commercial brands, while in Oaxaca you will find the smoky mezcal – impossible to forget because traditionally, you have to drink it with… a worm inside.
10 reasons to visit Mexico

9. Snorkeling and scuba-diving paradise

If you are seeking for adventure and you love water sports, Mexico is a perfect destination. There are two places close do Playa del Carmen – Isla Mujeres and Cozumel,  famous among snorkeling and diving lovers. Why? Because of the breathtaking coral reefs which make you completely stunned. Caves, tunnels, sea horses and much more treasures are waiting for you underneath the water. If you are not that much into exploring the seabed, I would suggest you to choose Holbox instead and learn how to kite-board. The beach has shallow waters and the perfect wind conditions for beginners.

10. Safety in general

One of the main factors that we take into the consideration while traveling is our safety. I’ve been asked many times about how dangerous Mexico is and I won’t lie – there are places where you have to take more precaution, especially in big cities and mostly in Mexico D.F, be careful with pickpockets. But is Mexico really so dangerous? Definitely not. During almost 3 weeks of my trip, I never had any kind of safety problems and to be honest, I was positively surprised. Mexico was actually one of the main reasons why I decided to backpack South America with my friend and travel to Ecuador solo later on. There is the same rule applying everywhere in the world – if you look scared, you attract attention. If you look confident, in 99% of cases nothing will happen to you. I haven’t traveled to North of Mexico where the level of criminality and easy access to weapons is much higher, but I can assure you that there is nothing to be scared about if you plan your trip to Quintana Roo, Central and South Mexico. When it’s all over, I hope you will put Mexico on your bucket list! If you want to read more of our personal thoughts about the current situation and how we organize our time during the quarantine, check our Instagram! 🙂

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