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5 tips for booking flight tickets

If you are here, it means you’ve probably read our Beginner’s Guide to Backpacking South America and you are ready to follow the steps. Find below all the things you should know about searching for your flight tickets!


Check the flights few times per day

Even though it may be annoying, always check the prices at least twice per day  – once after midnight and once early morning, because that’s when the prices mostly change. They prices can both go up and down, but checking them constantly it’s the key to travel low cost. It’s a matter of luck and quick decision to buy at the moment you see a good price.  

Use flight search engines to have a clue

I always use flight search engines such as kiwi, eDreams and Skyscanner to have a general overview for the cheap options. Although, I always double check and buy my tickets directly on the airline’s website. Why? Check the next step.

Reduce your research to maximum 3 airlines

Find 2, maximum 3 airlines which matches your budget and timetable better than others and focus on them. Always check the price on their official website because many searching engines show lower prices to engage the client and later charge you extra fees for hidden taxes. Many of them also charge much more for checked-in luggage than the airlines usually do.  


Try to find flights with maximum one scale

There are plenty options between Europe and South America without spending few days at the airports. I live in Barcelona and I traveled to LATAM three times already, two of them directly from Spain. Avianca offers direct flights from Madrid to Bogota, LATAM Airlines flies directly from Barcelona to Lima. If you don’t live in Spain, you can find a direct ticket to Madrid or Barcelona from almost every European capital, making your flight only 1-scale. Remember that Riviera Maya is a very popular destination so many cities offer direct flights, for example I traveled from Warsaw to Cancun without scales. Maybe you consider Yucatan for the beginning of your trip? It’s important to check all the options before you buy a 4-scales ticket and save only 50 euro at the end.


Check the departure and arrival time 

Always check your departure and arrival time before making the final step. For my friend and I being two girls traveling solo to South America our safety was the main decisive factor. I didn’t mind to have my departure flight at 1 am from Barcelona because I know my city very well and it makes me feel secure. I also know the airport and it’s very safe. Besides, if you consider the time difference between Europe and your destination, you will be grateful for having a night flight and coming to Peru in the morning. This way the jet lag will be more tolerable.

The circumstances change a lot when you arrive to Lima at 10 or 11 pm. I cannot imagine two girls at the unknown airport in the middle of the night, taking a random taxi to the center. Remember that your safety is more important than saving few bugs.

Now when you finalized all the steps, I think you are ready to buy your tickets. Congratulations!

Once you’re done, you’ll be possibly asking yourself how to prepare the backpack for this exiting trip! Don’t miss our nextarticle where you can find all the tips and answers for your questions.

Good luck with finding your tickets! ✔✔✔


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