A road trip to Castilla y León - one day in Orbaneja del Castillo

A road trip to Castilla y León – 1 day in Orbaneja del Castillo

Today we are going to share with you our last day from Castilla y León road trip. I really wanted all the posts from that trip to be published few weeks ago already but I didn’t have a lot of time to prepare content and I don’t like to do things in a hurry, especially writing. I hope you enjoy the last piece of our stay in this beautiful land. 🙂

Orbaneja del Castillo is known as the most beautiful town in the province Burgos and I could’t agree more. This medieval town is crossed by impressing waterfall and sits under the watchful eye of the great canyon of the Ebro river. Is it possible to see Orbaneja del Castillo in one day? Absolutely yes! Find out how to organize your trip to this fairytale village.

People from Burgos use to say that being local and not having visited Orbaneja is a mortal sin. It takes only one hour by car to get to the town from the city of Burgos and any time of the year is good to walk through its narrow medieval streets.

What to see in Orbaneja del Castillo

What to see in Orbaneja del Castillo koalas on the road

Where to eat in Orbaneja del Castillo

Despite its small size, Orbaneja del Castillo has a very varied gastronomic offer. If you go on the weekend, don’t forget to book either. Otherwise, it is very likely that you will be left without a table available. We personally came to the town very late when restaurants were no longer serving food but fortunately we could still have some drinks and pica pica. We chose Restaurante La Puebla because of its excellent views. Here you have 3 other varied options that we found interesting while crossing the town:

El Rincón (Plaza Mayor). It has menus at a good price.

El Arroyo (Caño 4 street). The best option if you want traditional homemade food.

Taberna el Risco (Calle el Caño). Homemade food and wonderful views.

Tips from Koalas

If you are planning to stay for a night and you have already enjoyed the town and its gastronomy to the fullest, it is time to put on comfortable shoes and get to know the surroundings. There are many different hiking trails around the town and you can also go to Pesquera de Ebro and walk along an incredible road that gives us some of the best images of the canyon. 

Orbaneja del Castillo has become one of the star destinations in northern Spain in recent years and this means that every weekend a lot of tourists comet o discover the charms of this little town. Our advice is to plan your visit for any weekday. It is more than likely that you do not have to share this adventure with almost anyone and that, right now, is a luxury. If you can travel only on weekends, try to get up early as much as you can. As for the parking, we must point out that there are several good-sized car parks available along the main road, so you shouldn’t have any problems to find a place. 

We hope you enjoy this one day itinerary and you will put Orbaneja del Castillo on your list. Discovering Castilla y León for the first time was a great adventure, so don’t miss our   previous posts from Valladolid and Burgos. Next time we will share in details our last road trip to Costa Brava!

Orbaneja del Castillo - koalas on the road

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