Hi everyone!

We are a young couple looking for our place in this fabolous world, ready to explore every corner of our beautiful planet. We were borned and raised in two different countries and we found each other in Barcelona. With the intention of leaving our comfort zone we decided to turn our dream project into reality. We’ve always loved to travel and from now on we would like to share our adventures with you.

koalas on the road blog

Who are we and where do we come from?


I was born in Venezuela and I moved to Barcelona with 16 years old looking for a big adventure. Since then I’ve been constantly pursuing my dream of exploring and protecting our planet.

I would like to be a nomad living all over the world. My main interest is traveling and I am also a big passionate of motorcycles.

I hope to mix my big hobby with my passion one day soon.


I’m Polish living in Barcelona since 2014. I love to take pictures, dance and try new cuisines. One of my biggest adventures was to  quit my job and travel around South America for 4 months.

I think  life is too short to waste even one second of it. I want to leave my footprints on the sand of time contributing something good to the world – exploring the beauty of our planet with a huge sense of responsability and sharing my stories with others.

Why koalas?

We feel a strong empathy for koalas and we love to sleep. Koalas can spend up to 18 hours sleeping and honestly, who wouldn’t like to have such a life?

Unfortunately right now it’s not the best time for these amazing creatures. The massive destruction in eucalyptus forests and poaching are two main reasons that have caused the dramatical decrease in population of these “rechonchos” animals.

We believe that it’s possible to travel and respect the beauty that surrounds us at the same time, that’s why we would like to raise awareness about how important it is to take care of our common home. Are you ready to join us?