One day hike in the Montseny Natural Park - koalas on the road
Catalonia,  Europe

One day hike in the Montseny Natural Park

How was your week guys? I have to say that my mood was similar to a rollercoaster ride in the past few days. I was trying to not get crazy somewhere between government restrictions. I am honestly very tired of this situation. Sometimes it’s just too much and I’m sure many of you feel the same way.

But ok, enough about pandemic. The point is that no matter how bad it feels sometimes, we always find a way to keep doing what we love the best. That’s why this last long week we decided to go on a one day hike to the Montseny Natural Park.

This time we could’t count with the car so we traveled by motorbike. The road which leads to the park was simply breathtaking, I couldn’t stop staring at the mountains. I really needed a breakaway from the city and there is nothing better than Natural Park!

One day hike in the Montseny Natural Park - koalas on the road 1

At the beginning we headed to a small town Arbúcies. When we woke up on Monday morning, we didn’t even have a clue about where to start our hike. We were just about to  improvise when we met our neighbor at 9 am in front of our building. He gave us some advices about Montseny and mentioned Arbúcies, so that’s how this town turned into our starting point.

I already had visited Montseny few years ago with a friend and all I remembered was the fact that this park is enormous. When I started to search in Internet, I figured out that there are dozens of different trails and even one week wouldn’t be enough to do all of them. So after few minutes talk with our neighbor, Edwin and I decided to do just one long trail and then see if there is any extra time.

Once we got to Arbúcies after 2 hours of driving, we were seeking for coffee and some croissants. The lady from the local bar (one of literally 3 bars opened in Arbúcies that day), was super nice and explained us where to start our trail. We were very lucky with the weather so these few hours of hiking passed super quickly. It was pretty amazing to feel fresh air and almost don’t cross with other people!

When we finished our trail, it was about 5 pm and we decided to visit the other side of the park with the famous Pantano of Santa Fe. This route is definitely one of the most popular ones because it leads you to this beautiful water reservoir. Even though it looks like a natural lake, Santa Fe is an artificial damming surrounded by forests. The easiest way to get there is from Can Cascades information point. The trail will take about 30-40 minutes and is really child or dog friendly, so I would suggest you to start your visit in Montseny from there if you are planning a family trip.

One day hike in the Montseny Natural Park - koalas on the road 2

In the afternoon the temperature in the park was dropping super quickly, so when we headed to our moto, it was only 7 degrees outside and we still had two-hours drive back home. Despite the cold and incredible pain in my legs after all day of hiking, the route was amazing. Park Montseny said goodbye to us with one of the most beautiful sunsets of my life. The sky was changing its colors from yellow, to orange, red, rose and purple and it was a real spectacle.

One day hike in the Montseny Natural Park - koalas on the road 3

I could definitely include this one day escape among our favorite motorcycle routes. If you are ever planning to visit Montseny, car or motorbike will be the best option! Let us know if you did any other trail because we will be definitely coming back to explore more! 🙂

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