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Our Bucket List

I woke up today dreaming about our next destination and I felt this desperate need inside calling me to take any random train and just go, wherever. Do you know this feeling? We’ve been locked down for 5 weeks already and it’s completely fine to not be ok. It’s fine to miss being on the road and to plan your next holidays. I would be surprised if we weren’t making any plans in our head. It’s a survival strategy. That’s why today I would like to share with you a piece of our bucket list. It’s only a small % of everything we want to do and see all over the world, but it will give you a general idea of our priorities 🙂 Maybe you will add some of these places to your list?

1. Route 66

Our biggest dream is to rent a car and spend few weeks driving Route 66, starting in Chicago and crossing the final line in LA. I already have a list of all the places we have to visit during this trip, some of them are close the route and some others require longer ride, for example some National Parks. It was our plan for this Autumn but first of all, coronavirus changed everything and secondly, there are many other factors on which we depend, like Edwin’s VISA. So, if we can’t make it happen this year, it will definitely happen next one!  Route 66 Koalas On the Road

2. New York and sport events

If there is one city in the world apart from Barcelona where we would like to live for few months, it’s New York. We’ve been dreaming about this place for years and for many different reasons. I want to visit all the museums and only for that, I would need at least one month. Edwin loves sport – baseball, basketball and american football, so another must have in NY is to attend as many sport events as possible. I like watching basketball as well so it would be amazing to see NY Knicks playing in Madison Square Garden. This trip is probably one of the most expensive on our bucket list but it’s definitely worth it. Besides, if I go to NY, I want to follow Carrie Bradshaw steps and I certainly need money for that. She’s been my inspiration for years – young journalist addicted to fashion and living in a big city, hanging our with her besties and talking about guys. This really reminds me a lot my life in Barcelona, the difference is that NY is 3 times more expensive 🙂 New York koalas on the road

3. Bali 

I started to dream about Bali when I read “Eat, Pray, Love” for the first time. Since then, I came back to this book few more times and of course I watched the movie. Bali is probably one of the most visited places in Southern Asia because of its breathtaking nature and landscapes. My number one destination since only I can remember was South America. Now, when I made this dream come true, I am ready to explore Asia! Our plan is to backpack different Indonesia islands and stay for longer in a nice resort in Bali. Bali Koalas On the Road

4. Philippines

Once we go to Southern Asia, we would like to spend about 4-6 weeks exploring maximum 2 countries. There is one thing I learned from my experience in South America – it’s better to spend more time in one country rather than change destination every 2 days. This second option is perfect if you’re seeking for adventure and definitely worth trying, but you end up very tired. That’s why we decided to choose 2 Asian countries to start with and get to know them during 1.5 – 2 months. There are many beautiful islands in Philippines and we prefer to travel do each one and explore as much as it’s possible, meet local people and understand their customs. This will give us a deep idea about the country and we can always come back to Asia next year and explore other 2 countries. How about you? Do you prefer many countries in one shot or one/two countries but explored from every side? Philippines Koalas On the Road

 5. Aurora borealis and fiords in Nordics

The famous polar lights have been our dream since always. We are very curious about the Nordics in general as we haven’t explored this part of Europe a lot until now. We would love to organize a few-weeks trip, included the breathtaking fiords in Norway and leave the best for the end – the auroras. This kind of trip requires a lot of preparation and no one will give you a guarantee that you will actually see the auroras, it’s more up to luck and faith. But I know the universe conspires in your favor if you truly believe in your dreams! Auroras Koalas On the Road

6. African Safari and Gorillas 

Few months ago I started to look for a voluntary program in Africa. Maybe it’s not the plan for this year, but it’s on our to-do list and we would love to work for few months in an animal sanctuary in a close future. I feel a strong connection with Africa since I was a little girl because I bet a record watching “The Lion King” over and over again. I literally grew up with this movie. This brings us to another point on our list – African Safari. We can’t wait to visit the most virgin continent on Earth and see the Big 5 of Africa. We would start in Kenia and then we would visit its neighbors – Uganda and Rwanda, because that’s where biggest treasure of Africa is hidden. The mountain gorilla! Africa Koalas On the Road

7. Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the few countries that I didn’t visit in South America because of the complicated political and economic situation. It was one of the richest countries in the whole continent just few decades ago and it breaks my heart to see how the current head of state destroys his own country. As you know, Edwin is from Venezuela and since he moved out to Barcelona 8 years ago, he could never come back home to see his family. We promised ourselves that we would go to Venezuela as soon as it’s possible to meet his family and explore the beauty of his country because the biodiversity of Venezuela is one of a kind. Did you know that the highest waterfall in the world, Salto Angel, is situated in Venezuela? Cross your fingers for us because this destination is our must and no politicians will block our way! Venezuela Koalas On the Road

8. India

If you watched “Slumdog Millionaire” and this movie didn’t change your life, I will consider you a weirdo. India wasn’t on my bucket list for a long time, but this movie is my before and after. We realize that this trip may affect us way more than other destinations considering the immense poverty you face walking down the streets, but traveling shouldn’t be only about beautiful places and perfect landscapes to put on Instagram. India 66 Koalas On the Road

9. Egypt

The first big civilizations that you learn about on history lessons are Romans, Greeks and Egyptians. I traveled to Italy more than 20 times until now and I never get bored of this beautiful country, but it’s time to go further and finally follow the Ancient Egyptian steps. Some of our friends came back from Egypt lately and we were surprised by the quantity of places that they visited in only 10 days. Most of us know Egypt because of the pyramids, but what else do you know about this country? Because we didn’t know a lot neither and it completely changed our perception. That’s why today Egypt is on the top of our list! Egypt 66 Koalas On the Road

10. Madagascar

Don’t kill me for mentioning another movie, but is there anyone who didn’t see “Madagascar”? The reason why I want to visit this precious island is because it reminds me Galapagos. There are not so many places in the world which retained their original character the way Galapagos and Madagaskar did. We should appreciate that we are still lucky enough to witness such a beauty with our own eyes.  Madagaskar 66 Koalas On the Road

Our top destination. Australia

How come Koalas on the road haven’t mention Australia until now? Because we want to keep the best for the end! If you go to this section, you will understand why we called our profile Koalas. In the last few years Australia has suffered a lot and we would love to contribute to this amazing country, supporting local communities and fauna and flora protection. If you follow us on Instagram, you know that we adopted a charming koala called Jimmy Jams and we can’t wait to finally meet him! Of course our baby is not the only reason why we want to visit Australia – there are many animals inhabiting Australia and impossible to find anywhere else in the world.  Australia 66 Koalas On the Road Which place would you put on your bucket list?

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