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Rome is one of the most popular European destinations, so it’s very important to plan your time in this historical city and avoid waiting in long lines. Is it possible to see Rome in 48 hours? Yes, but you will have to wake up early and most probably exclude some places from your list, especially museums. Even though, it’s perfectly possible to visit the most emblematic city points in 2 days.

What to see in 48 hours in Rome – the perfect itinerary

Managing your time properly is essential to have a unique and amazing experience in Rome. I’ve been in Rome 6 times so far, sometimes it was one week and sometimes only few days. The last time traveling with Edwin we had 48 hours in Rome and it was the first time he was visiting the city. That’s why I prepared a list of my favorite places to show him and I think my list can be useful to anyone playing a two-days visit in Rome.

First day:

  • Start your route from Piazza del Popolo – it’s a perfect point to begin the sightseeing because of its strategic location close to the most important monuments.
Tip: Climb the stairs and admire the views from the terrace.
  • Walk down Via del Corso – the most luxurious street in Rome
  • The street ends at Piazza di Spagna, a total must on your list. Come upstairs and visit the church.
  • Continue your walk for around 10 minutes until you get to Fontana di Trevi. 
Tip: Make a wish and throw a coin to the fountain! Remember to stand back to the fountain and drop it over your left shoulder – it’s the only way to ensure yourself another visit in Rome!
  • Loose yourself in the narrow streets and try Roman appetizers. The Happy Hour in some places starts at 4 pm. 
  • Walk down a little bit more and visit Pantheon. The entrance is free and the open dome makes an amazing impression.
  • Visit Piazza Navona with its beautiful fountains – it’s situated just around the corner. 
  • Walk down to Vittorio Emanuele monument – illuminated at night looks beautiful. 
  • End up your walk at Colosseum because you have to see it both at night and during the day. It’s the symbol of the city.

Second day:

  • Wake up early and go directly to Vatican. If you arrive before 9 am, you will avoid the lines to Basilica di San Pietro and also to the Vatican Museums. 
  • After your visit in the museums, come back to the centre crossing San’t Angelo Bridge and taking a look at the castle. I wouldn’t recommend to visit the castle if you only have 48 hours but it all depends on how you manage your time.
  • Spend the afternoon visiting Forum Romanum, Palatinum and Colosseum. 
  • Important: the last entrance to these 3 places is at 15.30.
  • Watch sunset at Circo Massimo which is very close to Colosseum.
  • Visit Bocca della Verità   the legend says it bites those who lie!
  • The last mandatory stop is Trastevere – cross the Tiber River and enjoy delicious appetizers in the most emblematic district of Rome.

Entrance Fees and City Cards in Rome

Combined ticket to Forum Romanum, Palatinum and Colosseum valid two days costs 18 euro. There is also Roma City Pass: 28 euro for 48 hours and 38,50 euro for 72 hours. I would go for this option if you are planning to stay for more than 2 days and including other museums. There are hundreds of amazing museums in Rome and with Roma City you will safe a lot of money. If your plan for 48 hours in Rome is similar to the route I shared, which means long walks and mostly outside monuments, you can skip the City Pass and just decide for combined ticket.

What is the best area to stay in Rome?

It’s not easy to point out just one area because you can easily find accommodation all over the city. The only advice I have is to avoid sleeping close to Termini Station. Rome is a safe city, also at night, but this station is famous for tourist thefts. My general advice, both during day and night, is to try not to look like a „tourist” and don’t go around with a lot of money because most of the touristic places are crowded. If you want to stay close to the centre, anywhere close to the historical monuments will be a good location. If you want to pay a little bit less, look for accommodation in Vatican or Trastevere. 

How can I eat cheap in Rome?

The good thing about Rome is that the prices in restaurants and bars are pretty affordable. You can go for a menu and pay around 15 euro, or order a take away huge slice of pizza for less than 5 euro. If you wait until Happy Hour, you will get some appetizers for free together with your drink. Our appetizers in Trastevere were bigger than an average dinner! There is the same rule as in every other touristic destination – try to avoid the restaurants closest to the monuments and walk a little bit more. I am sure you will find a charming place to eat for a reasonable price.

How to get around in Rome?

We recommend to enjoy the city by walk, but if you are in a hurry or need to get to Vatican, metro or tram is the best solution. It also depends on where you hotel is situated. Rome is a very big city but the most important monuments are situated very close to each other so you can easily visit them on foot. I tried to make this article as brief and concise as possible and I hope you will find my tips useful for your 48 hours in Rome. Don’t forget to share your experience in comments and to check our Instagram to know what are we up to. Enjoy your Roman Holidays!

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