The most beautiful places in Croatia - koalas on the road
Croatia,  Europe

The most beautiful places in Croatia

How are you doing guys? It’s been a while! August was a very crazy month. It started with my Birthday and I kept celebrating it all over again. First with Edwin, then with my friends, and finally with my family in Poland. I spent two weeks in my home country and I have a lot to catch up with you! I hope you followed my stories on Instagram, but if you didn’t, I promise to write a summary from my trip to Poland very soon 🙂 We will also share our last road trip to Costa Brava! 

But first, we would like to take you to Croatia. Few weeks ago Choose Balkans invited us to collaborate with them and write a post about our experience in one of the Balkan countries. On August 12th our article was published on their website and social media and we are super exited because it was our first collaboration! You can find our article here, or simply scrolling below 🙂

Why Croatia?

When I was a little girl, my father was taking me on holidays to Italy every summer. People say that the Motorway of the Sun (A1) is the most popular Italian highway. We came across this road a lot. But there is another one which came out to be my favorite. The most of its route follows the Adriatic Sea coastline. It’s called A14 Motorway and the first time I took this road, I stayed awake all night. It was love at the first sight. 

My Dad made me fall in love with Adriatic Sea. One day we crossed the country from West to the East just to bathe in two seas on the same day – Adriatic and Tyrrhenian Sea. It was one of the best days of my life. And thanks to my Dad, today I’m not afraid to cross my limits. I also have it clear where my traveller soul comes from! 

I wanted to tell you this story because I spent my childhood exploring Italy and being deeply in love with Adriatic Sea, so when I visit Croatia few years ago with my friend, all these beautiful memories with my Dad came back. The route from Montenegro to Croatia was stretching along the Adriatic Sea for hours and I was once again stunned with its beauty. The road was winding and the views were outstanding and I just wanted to capture every single moment of that day. The Adriatic Sea is the reason why I consider Croatia the most beautiful memory from my Balkan trip, but there are also may charming spots all over the country that you should include on our list if you’re planning to go. Check out the most beautiful places in Croatia!


Situated on the Norh go Croatia, Trogir is a great destination if you want to travel in time. Its Old Town and Kamerlengo Castle make you feel like nothing has changed in this lovely town for centuries. Set within medieval walls on a tiny island linked by bridges, Trogir has retained almost intact with many beautiful buildings from its age of glory. Thanks to that, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you have time, you should visit the tower od Cathedral of St Laurence because the views are simply breathtaking. Just keep in mind that stairs are terrifying (I’m afraid of heights). A total must see within the cathedral is the Chapel of St John, which is considered the best Renaissance sight in Dalmatia!

The best places to visit in Croatia - koalas on the road


The one and only town amongst the Croatia’s Adriatic seaside which history doesn’t belong to Greeks or Romans. Sibenik is the oldest Slavic town on the coast and was in hands of Venetians for almost 4 centuries. The Cathedral of St James is probably the most important sight in Sibenik, but there are several other churches worth visiting all over the town. You should also visit the Loggia built in typical Italian style as it’s a characteristic element of architecture in this region. 

The best places to visit in Croatia - koalas on the road


Known as Croatian Saint Tropez, Rovinj is a very popular touristic destination which I found very charming and much less crowded than its French friend. Rovinj is a great place to relax and slow down your journey. There is a lot of restaurants, cafes and art galleries. Visiting the Church of St. Euphemia should be an absolute must, because it’s the largest Baroque building in Istria and its bell tower is a copy of the one at St Mark’s Basilica in Venice. Once you finish your visit there, you should head to the Old Town and explore how Rovinj looked like when it was an island. No matter where you go, you will always find yourself surrounded by colorful houses and tiny, cobbled streets. You can enjoy the sun on the downtown beach of Mulini, and don’t forget about the Aquarium which is one of the oldest n Europe!

The best places to visit in Croatia - koalas on the road


After crossing the main gate of Dubrovnik I understood why people are so amazed with Croatia. From all the cities I’d seen during my trip, Dubrovnik is my favorite one. Called the Pearl of Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Dalmatia and of course a part of UNESCO list. I suggest you to start your day visiting the Museum of Pharmacy (the first pharmacy of Republic) and then just get lost in the town.

The city itself is incredibly beautiful, but when my friend and I arrived to downtown beach, my heart melted even more. This feeling when you know you’re in the right place… It was exactly how I felt. You can see the fortress and the whole town from that beach and I can assure you this will be your best spot for the pictures!

The best places to visit in Croatia - koalas on the road

What do you guys think? Would you consider Croatia as your holiday destination this year? 

Finally, we want to thank again to Choose Balkans for posting our article!

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