The ultimate survival guide for long-haul flights
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The ultimate survival guide for long-haul flights

Long flights are exciting because we are going to a new and usually exotic place. However, spending more than 10 hours in a plane may be uncomfortable for some people, especially if you are not used to international flights. I prepared few tips to make your journey as enjoyable as possible, so here you have my ultimate survival guide for long-haul flights!

What to wear

When I see girls boarding on a plane in high-heel sandals or skirts, I imagine it has to be one of their first long-haul flights, because I don’t see any other reason of why they would decide for such an uncomfortable outfit. I am not saying that you can’t look nice on a plane – just be smart and go for comfortable clothes. I suggest stretchy bottoms, for example leggings, and over-sized top like a hoodie or cardigan. I always take a scarf which often acts as a blanket for me. When It comes to shoes, for me the best option are the sneakers, but any slip-on shoes will be good as well. Don’t forget extra cozy socks!

Pack smart – bring an extra personal bag

I guess the most difficult part of preparing for a long-haul flight is to pack the carry on bags. What should I take on the board? The key is to plan exactly what you need during the flight and put it in an extra personal bag. I always have a personal bag apart from the carry-on luggage, because it’s much easier to access having it under the seat rather than overhead. I personally bring a small backpack with many pockets and compartments, helpful to organize my items. So, what to pack in the personal bag?

Carry on items – cosmetics 

The following list is my personal choice, but I find it very universal for any girl traveling long-distance.First of all, put all your liquids in a single bag and remember they all have to meet the size requirements of 100 ml per bottle. Second of all, stay fresh and clean. Put in your personal bag the products that will freshen you up before and after flight. My suggestion is to take on board a toothpaste, facial cleansing wipes and small deodorant. Another important thing is to pack moisturizing products because airplanes use to dehydrate the whole body very quickly. Protect your skin with a good hand cream and face moisturizer, and don’t forget your lip balm. 

Stay hydrated

Speaking of hydration, as I mentioned in this post, an absolute must in your backpack Is re-useable water bottle which is not only an environmentally friendly solution, but will also save you a lot of money. Remember to pack it in your personal bag because even if the airplane crew will offer you free water, it’s always better to have your own bottle close. Important tip: try to avoid drinking alcohol on board because it dehydrates a lot and double up on water instead!

Get some rest

When your flight takes more than 10 hours, it’s important to get some rest. Some people find it difficult due to the time difference but I thing with a little bit of help it can be totally accomplished. Bringing your own neck pillow and eye mask is the first step. Earplugs are also a good option, especially when there is a crying baby close to you. I’ve never used anu sleeping pills or calmatives, but you can consider them depending on the length of your flight and on how difficult it is for you to go through a long-haul flight. 

Food on the long-haul flight

Whether you are planning to order the airplane food or not, I always suggest to pack some snacks. I can bet you will get hungry between the meals and the snacks are easy to pack. Also, don’t expect the best quality from food onboard, even though there are some companies where the food is pretty decent. If you have any type of food preference or allergy, don’t forget to mention it while booking your online ticket.

Entertainment on board

Most of the international flights offer a free entertainment system with movies and music, but I was very surprised when one of my long-haul flights only gave me the option to choose between 5 movies and the rest was under extra fee. That’s why it’s better to not assume such things and bring your own entertainment on board. A tablet, iPod or good book will help you get through the flight, so come prepared!

The most important things to bring on

The last but not least things to remember when you travel long-distance are definitely your passport, driving license credit cards and all important documents. Never put them in the carry-on bag and keep them close. Apart from that, make sure to pack in your personal bag any expensive items such as cameras or tablets, but also a notebook and pen in case you will need to make any  notes or fill some form.  I think you are prepared for a long-haul flight, do you?