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We are two travelers passionate about exploring the world in a responsible way. We would like to increase the awareness about the problems that our planet faces lately due to global warming, forest destruction or pollution. If you are looking for just another traveling blog, here you will find much more. How to travel consciously? How can you contribute something good in the local community during your journey? How to enjoy and respect the nature at the same time?

koalas on the road

We would love to share our experience and make other travelers lives easier, that’s why we prepare many tips about traveling suitable for everyone. From a weekend escape to European city to backpacking South America for two months. From traveling solo to sharing your adventure with a friend or your second half. From preparing your backpack to choosing comfortable hotels. We want everyone to feel cozy, just like home.

We come from two different continents and we believe traveling is the best way to connect people all over the world as we are the best example of that. If you ended up here, it probably means that you are looking for the same adventurous lifestyle. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost that much! You don’t need much more than health, courage and good will to explore the world. Our planet has so much to offer, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and take another path, a different one. We have only one life. And remember that no one has a right to limit you and tell you how your life should look like. You are your own hero.

Are you in? Do you want to join the travelling community, leave a mark and explore the world consciously? If “yes” is the answer, then you definitely are in the right place.

We promise to make this blog grow and share new posts regularly. You will find a lot of content from our trips together, but also from traveling solo before we met. This is something extremely important to us because we really want you to believe that you can go to every single place that we did, no matter if you are planning to do it alone or in company. 

Thank you for passing by and we hope to see you back soon!